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Car Warranty

Will you be covered?

Mechanical breakdowns are a fact of life. New car warranties typically expire after 4 or 5 years, and even the best used car warranties only last 30-90 days. When your car needs repair, will you be covered? A high-quality CarHavn Mechanical Breakdown Protection Plan is a smart decision to protect the future self against the high expense of car repair.

Protect Your Future Self

You chose a European-engineered vehicle for its performance, beauty, safety, and handling. While newer European cars are built better than ever, they pack higher levels of mechanical and electronic components that always have a chance of a breakdown.
With the CarHavn Mechanical Breakdown Protection plan you have the choice of servicing your car here, with the same trustworthy people who sold you the car, or choose any licensed repair facility.

Most Extended Warranties Are Terrible!

What you have heard is true.
In addition to selling cars, we operate a highly successful Service Center, so we deal with Extended Warranties when it truly matters - when a repair is needed. Most insurance-sold plans and internet company plans are designed to benefit the issuer, not the customer: they regularly decline claims, want to use used parts, and have high deductibles. Most customers are not satisfied with the experience they go through. There has been a recent spike in online-only companies with pretty websites... and terrible products. Are you buying the website or the warranty?

Our Plan Is Better
  • We are European specialists
  • We use new specialist parts and fluids
  • Our coverage is superior to most plans
  • We have plans to fit most budgets
  • You can finance the warranty even if you buy the car cash
  • You can choose to repair your car with us or at any repair facility
  • Maintenance benefits
  • Best Internet Price. Our low overhead means we can pass the savings on to you!

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