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Brands We Service

We operate a highly reviewed Euro repair shops serving Hamden, North Branford, Bridgeport, and the Shoreline. We're fully equipped with dealer-level diagnostic and we offer:

  • BMW / MINI Cooper Maintenance, Repair, and Service
  • Audi / Volkswagen Cooper Maintenance, Repair, and Service
  • Jaguar / Land Rover Cooper Maintenance, Repair, and Service
  • Porsche SUV Maintenance, Repair, and Service
  • Mercerdes-Benz, Repair, and Service
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Services We Offer

Euro enthusiasts from Hamden, North Branford, Bridgeport, and the Shoreline come to us for regular service. We also have the advanced technical expertise to handle the big repairs that the dealers overchage for:

  • Timing Chain Diagnostics and Replacement
  • Turbocharger Diagnostics and Replacement
  • Transmission Diagnostics, Rebuild, and Replacement
  • Electronic Modules Diagnostics, Coding, and Programming
  • Clutch replacement
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Euro-Specific Services

Euro enthusiasts from Hamden, North Branford, Bridgeport, and the Shoreline know that Euro engines and transmissions have speific needs:

  • LiquiMoly Oil Service
  • Intake Valve Decarbonization
  • Transmission Filter and LiquiMoly Fluid Replacement
  • Software Updates
  • Injector Cleaning and Tuning
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Not Every Mechanic Can Work on Euro Cars.

30% of our business is repairing other mechanic's mistakes! First Time Right is our motto. Our Lead Service Advisor and our technicians hold current ASE Certifications. We love what we do, and we continuously train to be the best at what we do. Let an expert work on your Euro ride!

  • Expert Service Advisors and Technicians
  • Many decades of experience in Euro cars
  • We have serviced over 3,000 vehicles - we can diagnose your issue accurately and quickly as we have probably seen it before!
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Euro Scanners and Brand-Specific Laptops
Diagnostic Tech Matching the Dealer's.

Our main tool is not the wrench, it's the laptop. We have the $10,000 specialist scanner and manufacturer-specific original software to precisely diagnose, and even program modules and entire cars. We pay annual subscriptions to major manufacturers for the right to use authorized software. That's what Ditch the Dealer, Keep the Quality it's all about - comparable quality for less.

  • Euro-Specific Scanners
  • BMW/MINI Diagnostic and Programming Laptops
  • Audi/VW Diagnostic and Programming Laptops
  • Land Rover Diagnostic and Programming Laptops
  • Mercedes Diagnostic and Programming Laptops
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Original and High-Quality Parts
Perfect fit the first time.

Specialist labor is half the equation. Without the perfect part no repair will last long. We can match dealership pricing on parts, and also offer parts from major Original Equipment Manufacturer's parts. BMW does not make spark plugs - they buy them from BOSCH. Audi does not make brake pads - they buy them from Textar. Let us guide us on the true and tested manufacturers that can save you money with the quality you expect.

  • We match dealer's parts pricing
  • We'll advise you when to go with the original part or a major brand one
  • Multiple deliveries per day means we'll get your part fast
  • 12,000 mile and 12 month warranty on parts and labor
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Digital Customer Service
It's time your mechanic used the tech you do.

We use tech to achieve transparency in repairs. All recommendations we make are evidence-based, and come with the full price of parts of labor clearly displayed to you. Prior to any repairs, we seek your authorization though a simple click. Your car, your choice.

  • Digital Vehicle Inspection
  • Evidence-based Recommendations
  • Connect on your terms, on your device
  • Approve or reject any service
  • Save all repairs for future reference
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