CarHavn and Liqui Moly: A Quality Partnership

As a German car enthusiast, you always keep an eye out for cool cars. Going up I-95 in my 2001 BMW 740i Shorty Sporty, out of the corner of my eye I saw a gorgeous orange BMW 2002 tii zooming past me. To my surprise, as I pulled into in the next gas station, there it was, so I parked in the adjacent pump. The owner of the 2002 tii approached me, and mentioning that I was wearing my Liqui Moly shirt, said he had forgotten his wallet, and asked if I could spare $5 for gas – smartphone in hand, he said he’d refund me on the spot via Venmo or PayPal. He figured I was a safe person to approach if I was driving a 740i, and wearing a Liqui Moly shirt. I smiled and happily obliged.

No other oil and additive brand holds such sway over owners of BMW, MINI, Audi, VW, Mercedes, or Porsche motorcars. Many of us who work in the field, and have done our homework, are users and advocates of the brand. Why? One reason: quality. Be it as a fully synthetic oil, or as one of multiple gas or oil additives, these products keep their promise – they do what they say they’d do.

Out partnership with LiquiMoly runs deep – our techs and service advisors undergo frequent trainings to keep up with the product line and best practices the manufacturer recommends.

At CarHavn, as a customer you can be reassured that every oil change is done with the right weight of Liqui Moly Synthoil Premium. We stock it by the drum, and also in retail bottles. Your German engineered car will run better, and you will notice.