Specialist Equipment, Part 1

Part of being a specialist is having the brand-specific software for diagnostics and programming. This piece of equipment is not a ‘scanner’ – it’s a powerful laptop running software made by the manufacturer (BMW, Audi, Mercedes) specifically for their cars. Given the cost and the special training needed to use the software and meaningfully interpret the results, traditionally only dealers have had access to this equipment. Now you can #ditchthedealer and have us use this software for accurate diagnostics and up-to-date programming. This 2011 BMW 328xi (E90) came to us with the TMPS light on, the exclamation point in the flat tire. Diagnosis pointed to the need for a new TMPS module (the RDC control unit, as it’s called). Any time a module is changed, the electronics in the car need to me made aware of it, and the module also needs programming. We have the capability to do this in-house.

BMW Oil Leak Trifecta: Valve Cover Gasket – 1/3

BMW has created some of the finest engines in the auto world. Their straight-6, if taken care of properly, are bullet-proof, and are capable of providing years of reliable, fun service. A known area of repairs are oil leaks. We see these so frequently that we gave them a nickname: the Trifecta. Valve cover gasket, oil housing gasket, and oil pan gaskets are so frequently in need of repair that we have a package price for some models, notably the 3-Series E90 and the X5 E90. Burnt oil smell in the cabin? Seeing oil in your driveway? Your BMW may be in need of this very common repair. Learn more about what it means and how it’s performed.